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Project B

Get the 66 Ford / Ansul going again


  •  Here she is at work at the Center Point Fire District in 1985. 

With E-2's 1973 Hahn


  •  The powder unit has had a bad master cylinder and dead battery for a couple of years and we want to get her on the road again.   

All done


  •  Brakes repaired, starter rebuilt, new battery, new fuel filter & fresh fuel, a brake line and a couple of other little things and she runs again! 

Home in the warehouse


  •  This past year, 2017, member Bryan Glenn worked several days waxing the body, cleaning out the interior and cleaning the glass.  What a difference! 

The working end


  •  This truck is really a big BC fire extinguisher.  Nitrogen stored in the cylinders under the booster reels pressurized the big tank, forcing the agent out the monitor nozzle or booster lines.